AminoTec Product Licensing

Discover the Benefits to Licensing AminoTec Technology

Discover the Benefits to Licensing AminoTec Technology

Licenses for manufacturing, distribution and proprietary use are available for groups wishing to use our discoveries, patented technology and trade secrets.

Licenses are available for private label, proprietary (fish-farming) applications, and for other types of manufacturing (i.e., to the licensee's specifications). Licenses including rights to market products featuring AminoTec brands. Restrictive (exclusive) licenses may also be available on regional/market specific basis.

Accepted licensees qualify for wholesale quantities of AminoTec components or pre-formulated product. Licensees receive complementary technical assistance from AminoTec and licensees gain permission to use the AminoTec logos and/or trademarks in association with any product packaging and/or advertising.

All licensees must agree to binding non-disclosure, and non-reverse engineering agreements related to the specific formulas, ingredients and manufacturing protocols for the company's products, patents and company held trade secrets.